Noisy thursday with FSU, Present Past Men and Dankwart

Noize/experimental music night at Atelier D

Thursday 10.8.2017 – Start: 20h

WItness 3 bands in action when they unravel the potential music dissonances and harmonies lying dormant in unused silence.

Free entry, lots of space, and no good excuses to be anywhere else!


Present Past Men

A side project from Tvesla Serge and Nogo Chrescht. Spontaneous musical patterns of voice, guitar and what have you, brought together by loops and ripped apart by the clipping noise of missing headroom.


Dankwart aka Sam Erpelding (1992) from Luxembourg, living in Vienna a music project between electroacoustic composition and experimantal dub-techno


FSU is a concept that works as a placeholder for whatever the past week was like in a musical (non)sense. Resolutely antiphilosophical and antipostmodern, these four men succeed in deconstructing the process of songwriting itself, bringing about a yet unknown feeling of novelty in the listener s ears.