ExperimentHal crazy music weekend

13-15.3.2018 at Atelier D

The idea of this little festival, an initiative of DKollektiv and Andesground records, is to explore the sonic potential in and around the hall Fondouq on the Steelmill site in Dudelange.

The hall is a huge tin box, a resonance body and at the same time a symbol of the remains of the steel industry whose infernal groaning has been silenced for 30 years now in this place. Its soundscape is now invaded by the vernal sounds of resilient nature, slowly claiming back the space, and haunted by the occasional itching and crippling of the flatsteel contructions in the wind and in the rain.

Nevertheless, as a consequence of the industrial age, technological sounds and noises stay more then ever a part of our everyday life, machines and devices have robotized our actions and gotten thoroughly interlaced with our daily habits; even if they are being built more and more « silent », their whizzing, humming, buzzing and beeping has spread until the most remote corners of Earth and is following us until into our sleep. Beyond from hearable soundwaves, inaudible sounds and electromagnetic waves are surrounding and trespassing us without our knowledge and ability to sense them.

These precepts are the setting for different researches and performances that will include the place, its environment and its visitors in different angles of sounding and hearing.

An installation related to the forgotten river of Dudelange, running underground through the factory site, will remind of its presence and prefigure its future liberation.  Other auditive and visual surprises will await the visitor and will be created in an experimental process preceding the session. Concerts will take place in different, specific settings, in and around the hall, allowing the audience to circulate and discover the space.



Friday 13.4. – 19h (Doors: 18h30)
Crazy music session
Zenial (Poznan)
Laura Robles, Efraín Rozas and a robot (Berlin / Lima / New York)
Midicrash (Luxembourg)
Scarlit Port (Berlin)
Tomás Tello (Radio Tavira)
The Tobacco Company (Luxembourg)
How do you get your inspiration? (Strasbourg)

Saturday 14.4. from 10h
Open workshop & jamsession
from 10h : instrument building workshops with DKollektiv and invited artists (workshop & material fee: 20 €, please inscribe via info@dkollektiv.org) 

from 17h : Jamsession & open mic (free entrance)

Sunday 15.4. – 12h (Doors:11h30)
Jazz & electroacoustics session
Total Trio (Luciano Pagliarini, Jay Christnach, Misch Feinen),
Thierry Daudé & Chanche Charbonnier (experimental jazz),
Nataša Grujović & Steve Kaspar (electroacoustics & accordion)
Otis Traoré (afro-blues)

Installations & surprises

Barbecue & cocktails by Rokku Mi Rokka a.s.b.l.


Atelier D, Hall Fondouq, Site du Laminoir de Dudelange
Dudelange Steelmill Site
L-3475 Dudelange, Luxembourg


Entrance (box office)

1 day: 10 €

3 days: 15 €

Get there
Public transport (www.mobilité.lu)
– Arrêt P&R Skatepark
– Gare de Dudelange-Usines




Efraín Rozas (Lima)

New York based Peruvian musician/researcher, specialized in the combination of new technologies and Latin American genres. Efraín holds a PHD in Composition and Ethnomusicology from NYU, where he also worked as a teacher. His work has been featured in CNN, the BBC, The Washington Post, The Daily News and NPR Soundcheck, and presented at the Brooklyn Museum, Queens Museum, Lincoln Center and at Central Park Summerstage Fania Records 50th Anniversary in New York where he played with his experimental salsa band La Mecánica Popular. In 2007 he published the book “Fusión: a Soundtrack for Peru”, and released several records internationally via Names You Can Trust, The Ethnomusicology Institute of Peru and the Embassy of Spain.


Laura Robles (Lima)

Studied with private teachers from Peru and Cuba. Formed the bands “The Astrocombo”, together with Matthias Recharte-toms, Laureano Rigol-battery, Alec Marambio-guitar, Daniel Mujica-congas, Carlos Espinoza-sax, Rafael; Stretch it to the Limit with Jose Palacios-guitar, Giancarlo pucce, all friends and colleagues percussionist. She has also participated in several bands and has attended as a guest at various festivals and concerts.

She has accompanied various singers and groups like Susana Baca, Pilar de la Hoz, Alonso Acosta, Gabriel Joy, Laura Andrea Leguia, Kiri Escobar, Javier Lazo, Red Funk, La Sarita, Bareto, Jacket.


Łukasz Szałankiewicz (Poznan)

He is an electronic music performer and sound artist. Lukasz is a member of the Polish Society for Electroacustic Music (PSeME) and the Polish Society for Contemporary Music (the Polish subsection of the ISCM). His formative artistic years began in the early 90s with an immersion in the demoscene —an early computer community based around transcending hardware limitations. The multimedia nature of demoscene has remained an important element of his solo artistic work, where sound is often combined with visuals and influenced by a conceptual framework. In his work Szałankiewicz focuses on musical explorations, audiovisual performances and interactive installations.One of these, Dzwiekoswisty, was presented during the Little Warsaw Autumn (as part of Warsaw Autumn Festival) to high critical acclaim. He has extensively contributed to the organisation of several festivals. He’s also a co-founder of Audiotong label/platform. Releasing as Zenial (and formerly as Palsecam) he also cocreates the project AABZU with Maciej Szymczuk and contributes to the project Dizzy Kinetics with Marek Chołoniewski. He performed at many Polish festivals including Audio Art Festival and Unsound Festival in Krakow, Wro Festival in Wroclaw and Ad Libitum in Warsaw, as well as in major Polish art centers including Kordegarda Gallery and The Contemporary Art Centre Zamek Ujazdowski in Warsaw, Contemporary Art Gallery Arsenal in Bialystok, Contemporary Art Gallery in Wroclaw and Contemporary Art Center in Torun. Szalankiewicz participated in many international festivals, e.g.in Austria, Russia, Bulgaria, Germany, Holland, The Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ukraine, France, China, Hungary, Belarus, Romania, Lithuania, Israel, Kazakhstan, Peru, Brasil, Argentina, Uruguay, USA, Colombia, Mexico, Ecuador, Croatia, Japan, Sweden, Finland, Belgium, Georgia, Canada , Egypt, Italy and Luxembourg.

Tomás Tello (Lima)

Born in 1981 in Lima, Peru. His interest in music started in Lima, where he attended a music school for children (El Cocolido). He studied harmony and composition with Jorge Madueño and guitar with Andrés Prado. From 2001 to 2002 he lived in Barcelona and attended the “Taller de Músics”. Back in Lima he studied traditional Peruvian guitar with Gustavo Urbina. From 2004 to 2006 he lived in Buenos Aires. There he studied Alexander Technique with Jessica Nardelli and electric guitar with Fernando Kabusacki. From year 2006 to 2009 he lived in Lima and was very active in the local musical environment. He formed the duo “Shaolines del Amor” with Raúl Jardín and played many concerts in Perú and Chile. He is established in Luxembourg since 2009 and works with choreographer Yuko Kominami , teaches guitar and music, runs Andesground music label and performs as a soloist or with E.T. duo with Elisabeth Flunger. He organized and curated the “Ooh” Experimental Music Festival in Luxembourg and participated in “Sonic Melting” sound research project at Quelccaya Glaciar in Cusco (Perú). His work is deeply inspired by ancient music forms and environment sounds. He is also interested in the possibilities to multiply himself as a musician. In order to achieve this multiplicity he uses a varied setting of instruments that include D.I.Y. electronics, cassette Walkman’s interference devices, guitars, samplers, voice, flutes, bells, etc. It is his intention to express concern for contemplation, patience and to establish a close, warm and fruitful relationship with the sounds that surround us.


Scarlit Port (Berlin / Luxembourg)

The Berlin based artist takes as a starting point a dimensionless scenario of frenetic broken percussions, seeking a syncopated consistency provided by powerful hard low-end stabs. The emersion from this stormy reality leads to dirty ambiences animated by psychedelic dub-industrial flow. Such ggregation/disaggregation tension creates an original hard-topredict development over the three original tracks, marking unconventional arrangement structures without giving up powerful catchy grooves.

Midicrash (Luxembourg)

Sound recycling

The Tobacco Company (Luxembourg)

Experimental ambient by Jerry Baldrian (Fracture, Daily Vacation)

How do you get your inspiration? (Strasbourg/Luxembourg)

100% improvisation



Mairylo Antonopoulo (Athens) 

« The starting point of my current work is my transition from a small settlement to another place, the urban landscape. Tinos island on the one hand, and on the other the centre of Athens. Starting observing the urban field, the skyline of the building blocks (polykatoikia), the vacant common spaces, the voids between sky and ground. Entering a process of abstract recordings of the urban landscapes, on tracing paper; a process which covers the empty space. Listening and collecting every new (to me) sound. Trying to watch a different perspective of things. Trying to isolate sounds and re-assemble them, in order to produce a new hearing of them, by using small-scale installations or other objects. »

Painting exhibition by Otis Traoré




Total Trio

Luciano Pagliarini (alt-saxophone), Jay Christnach (double bass), Misch Feinen (drums, percussion)

Since 2014, Total Trio performed several times either as foundation of a bigger ensemble accompanying motion pictures, or as a pure solely acoustic trio composed of sax, double bass and drums. Total Trio takes up the raw energy of trios that played during the good old times at 1970‘s festivals (Osborne-Miller-
Moholo; Ganelin-Tarasov-Chekasin, Yamashita Trio, etc), intentionnaly cultivating a colorful spectrum of musical idioms. By using premeditated as well as randomly shifting harmonies, unsuspected rhythm overlays and varied instrumentation, chameleonic albeit recurring themes are created…

Often the trio is inviting guest musicians. The only constraints imposed on supporting artists are freedom of mind and adherence to Luciano Pagliarini‘s anarchist and baroque principles, being the transcendence of formal limits, wishing to draw from a broad universe of musical expressions throughout time, from popular music and others, but in particular Jazz and Improvised Music.

Total Trio is playing together with the guest musicians

Thierry Daudé (trompette)

Thierry Daudé est né dans les Bouches-du-Rhône en 1964.
Trompettiste, il fait la connaissance de Luciano PAGLIARINI en 1982 et a fait partie de son premier quartet/quintet dès 1987. Spécialiste des musiques et spectacles de rue, il a fait partie de nombreuses formations s’adonnant à ce genre, avec lesquelles il a voyagé un peu partout.  Souvent en situation d’animateur-pédagogue sur des créations mêlant musiques et danses, il a cumulé beaucoup d’expérience dans le
rapport amateurs/pros…


Chanche Charbonnier (basse à vent)

Jean-François Charbonnier (dit « Chanche »). Né en 1964. Tubiste et tromboniste lorrain. Compagnon de route de Luciano PAGLIARINI depuis 1996.  Depuis presque 20 ans « électron libre » à l’ARFI. Sa maîtrise absolue de la basse à vent, alliée à une grande virtuosité, son aptitude à improviser, l’ont fait se balader dans différents genres musicaux, depuis le New Orleans jusqu’au free en passant par les big bands. A également une grande expérience en termes de workshops.

Nataša Grujović & Steve Kaspar 

accordion & electroacoustics from Luxembourg and Belgrade

Steve Kaspar (1952, Luxembourg). He participated and studied at the « Nouveau Théâtre Musical » (« Musikhochschule » Cologne) under the direction of Mauricio Kagel and also discovered a very strong affinity for the electro-acoustic and electronic world. Between 1989 and 1996 he devoted his time to cycles of drawings and sound poetry. Since then he has favoured video, audio-visual installations and, above all sound compositions, performances and concerts which are somewhere between noise, raw art and subtle sound decor exploring the mysterious, enigmatic and contradictory domain of the fields of the « ineffable ». His work is presented and performed quite regularly in Luxembourg, Belgium and futher afield. He has notably collaborated with Japanese dancer Yuko Kominami (One’s Voices), dancer and choreographer Sylvia Camarda (How Do They Know…), the music ensemble United Instruments of Lucilin ( Isa – The Reply ), the avant-garde « trumpet player » Herb Robertson (Sympathy…alive), visual artists Gast Bouschet/Nadine Hilbertand cellist Andre Mergenthaler (Cave of Light) … Actually works in duo with accordion player Nataša Grujović.
His discographical output includes the limited edition CD box set  » Soundfields « , a coproduction between the publishing house La Lettre volée and the label Sub Rosa (Brussels/subrosa.net).
Nataša Grujović (1978, Yugoslavia / Luxembourg). She studied accordion and chamber music at the music academy in Trossingen with Prof. Hugo Noth, and, as a scholar of the foundation Baden-Württemberg, at the Conservatorio Superior de Música de Madrid. She cooperated with composer/multi media artist Pierre Redon and with composers as Uroš Rojko, Claude Lenners, Camille Kerger, and Elisabeth Naske.
Since 2009 she lives in Luxembourg, where she plays with the Luxembourg Sinfonietta and, as a guest musician with the Ensemble United Instruments of Lucilin, she works with the EME Fondation of Philharmonie Luxemburg and collaborated with several theatre projects, among others with Kasemattentheatre (Luxembourg) and Compagnie Bodecker & Neander (Berlin). As a soloist and in various chamber music ensembles she played in west and east Europe, China andCanada, e.g. at the „Off-Festival“ of the Donaueschinger Musiktage, the „Hommage à Franz Liszt“ at Casino-Luxembourg and the Biennale di Venezia 2013.
Her current project is duo with Steve Kaspar.

Otis Traoré 

Painter and musician from Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso living in Luxembourg. From Sahel Blues to Afro Beat.


DKollektiv and Atelier D are supported by the City of Dudelange

Sponsored by Fondation Indépendance

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